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Live your life programs help you create awesome positive life changes.

You’ve decided! To Live Your Life!!

You’ve decided! It is finally time to live your life as who and how you are meant to be. How exciting!! Thank you for the honor of considering me to support you in your spiritual healing journey. I still find myself pinching my arm at times, at what I see people give themselves with my help.

My simple objective is to help you live your best life by creating awesome positive life changes. I do this through practical spiritual guidance and teaching you very unique guided meditation techniques.

Now, I have been doing this for a while now so my focus when we first meet is to ensure that I can help you and that the help I offer is what you actually need to live your life the way you desire.

So, are my one-on-one programs a fit for you?

If you can answer yes to the following, I strongly encourage you to set up a consultation with me – today! Oh…my name is Leo Richard. Hi!

leo richard coach

“Who you truly are and what your life actually looks like is the cause of your stress. To live your life you must look within and take steps ‘into’ your life making those awesome positive life changes that you seek.” -Leo Richard

So, if you are…

Stuck trying to move forward and have been attempting to figure out your next steps for some time.
Struggling with letting go of negativity and taking on others’ problems and emotions.
Wanting to live an authentic and genuinely happy life.
Trying to build self-confidence and greater acceptance from those around you.


You sense there is something ‘off’ with your life and are having a hard time pinpointing it.
At times, your sensitivities take control of your life and you are unsure what to do.
You struggle with truly being yourself in your relationships with others.
You believe that your abilities and insights become an inconvenience to others.

heart and soul

Anonymous Quote – “The heartbeat of your life is the essence of your soul.”

Do any of those strike a chord for you?

You are probably seeking sound judgment and support from someone who knows those exact experiences, has broken through themselves and now teaches people how to break through their own glass ceilings.

Just a guess though! However, if you managed to find your way to this page, it’s fair to say, with a high level of certainty, that this is true for you.

From my experience, it basically comes down to two things. Willingness and ability. You must have the willingness to make those awesome positive life changes and I will teach you the skills to make it possible.

Live Your Life Programs

My programs offer you a tailor-made experience with no cookie cutter experiences. There are 4 core questions you must answer, which will form the foundation of our work together.

1] How clear and authentic am I willing to be in my life?
2] Which patterns am I caught in and how do I step out of them?
3] How do I connect to my deepest hopes and make them reality?
4] What, in this moment, can I generate within myself to be at peace?

The Optimal Life Program

In this program, these 4 questions will challenge you, move you and inspire you. The practice you develop will guide you to claim spiritual freedom and live your life in an optimal state of being.

You will also gain exposure to tools and concepts that will help you identify, shift and triumph over any challenge you approach. This, in turn, creates awesome positive life changes that are both empowering and meaningful.

The Psychic Architect Program

During this program, these 4 questions will demand of you to fully accept yourself for who you are. The journey you embark on will teach you how to harness your unique gifts and abilities for the full enjoyment of what life has to offer.

Psychic loosely translates to ‘of the soul’. You will be exploring the depths of your soul to nourish the completeness of your being. Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive People especially love this program.

Leo has a very strong commitment to his work and an ability to be extremely meticulous with the details of what he is building. For anyone who needs support in manifesting their vision, Leo is a great asset. Excellent at creating strategic plans, he is also very dedicated to the execution of these plans. Leo is also very smart and passionate, a great guy and a valuable asset to anyone.

Patrick Kronfli


I approach the programs from a holistic point of view. I help you look at all areas of your life to create both long-term and short-term gains for living an amazing life. There are 8 core categories in your life, such as career, relationships and health, with an additional 10 subcategories, including optimism, joy and inner peace, that I help you build up.

Fill out the Live Your Life Application and let’s see if we can make this work and set you up for a Soulcheck. Thanks in advance! Peace.

Live Your Life – Soulcheck

Please complete the Soulcheck application to the best of your current knowledge. A Soulcheck is an interview where we get to see if I can help you and if you want to do work with me on a deeper level. Once approved, I will contact you to set up our appointment.
Thank you!

Years Experience

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Countries Where My Clients Are Living Their Dreams


Dedication to giving value to my clients and community

Your Full Name

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To double the level of joy in my life I would need to…

The greatest challenge I am now experiencing is…

I currently use this/these to improve the quality of my life…

The 5 things I must learn to live life how I want is…

I describe my current relationships as…

I describe my current health as…

Please state if there is there anything else to take into consideration for your application.

My immediate level of commitment to succeeding and breaking through is at…

I can afford the following monthly price point…


Thanks Again!

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