About Peace Compass

Clear Mind. Clear Heart. Happy Life.

Peace Compass uses proven energy-based meditation tools to help people all over the world live a life filled with unshakeable confidence, loving relationships and limitless possibility.

The spiritual journey begins with that intuitive “Aha!” moment, when one realizes something is in need of change. This moment of discovery is an essential part of your spiritual journey. Everyone goes through it. Have you discovered yours yet?

Short Story

In a time long ago, long long ago, there lived humanity and there was peace in the land. Then came, who knows what, throwing our world into disharmony. Was it this, was it that? It really does not matter. What matters is what is now at hand. A world in potential disrepair, seeking to find itself in the flicker of the crisp night air. Seeking peace… seeking love… seeking shelter from the rough tyrant’s glare? Where to turn, where to go, the journey is unknown — yet is still there.

A light keeper comes forth bearing their soul. A torch in the eclipse of the human whole. Walking along, ever so bright showing a way that was thought to be nigh. Show the way please, gentle one — one carrying the light. That way! Pointing to the seeker’s sight. Confused and unsure, asking again – where might I go? Where you travel — travel light – how you travel — travel bright and travel far — as far as your inner sight.

bright light spiritual journey
Spiritual Director

Leo Richard

Born a highly intuitive person, Leo has experienced spiritual phenomena and awarenesses of others’ emotions, energies and auras since early childhood. These experiences lead to form a life experience for Leo that combined his sensitivities with a growing challenge as to what kind of life he truly was meant to live and how his experiences could help others.

It wasn’t until he decided to do a complete life overhaul that Leo was taught some extremely important life lessons.

  • Trust your intuition.
  • Love yourself, even in the face of adversity.
  • End toxic relationships.
  • Our lives really do reflect our inner state of being.
As difficult as that leap was for him, it was one of the best decisions he made in his life. It challenged him to be the best version of himself. He credits his ability to be clear about his intention and the energy-based meditation tools he teaches to help people ‘wake up’ to their deepest truths, abilities and finding ways to live a truly genuine and loving life.

Leo Richard continues his external expression of himself through his works of poetry, art, teaching meditation and to continuously move forward ways that raise consciousness and the well-being of life, love and peace on earth.

What Is Inner Peace For You?

When you figure that one out, you will have a compass to build your dreams. Holding that compass up and looking forward in your life creates limitless possibilities. Why?

You now know where you are going. When you have an intent that you are clear on, it seems like no matter what happens, you end up making decisions that reinforce that intent. This allows you to take risks you never would have dreamed of before.

Keep going forward with small thoughtful actions and your confidence exponentially builds. Stronger confidence means healthier boundaries, which means loving relationships. You will renew relationships and attract awesome people in your life.

This new sense of resolve will help you fulfill your life purpose and give back incredible value and meaning.

Leo tested this process personally with a lot of trial and error for over 3 years. What worked for him, he brought into his classrooms and programs and watched to see if it also worked there. It did. And incredibly well.

What he discovered in himself, he witnessed in others. Endless possibility. Loving relationships. Unshakeable confidence. That, in and of itself, is worth the trial and error. We now share these incredible insights, tools and concepts with the world.

Interested in learning more? Reach out!

A Peace Compass Perspective

All Healing is Self-Healing

Ultimately, all healing is self healing. No one can do the work for you. Peace Compass provides you with the tools for making it a whole lot easier.

Respect for Personal Space and Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries and relationships are key to maintaining your place within yourself. Peace Compass is committed to helping you learn how to create and manage healthy ‘energetic’ boundaries.

horse tree

“You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink.” ~ Ancient Proverb

Emotional Healing

You are encouraged to take the time in your life to find a quiet place to listen to and regularly express your emotions. This emotional expression can be in various forms like spiritual dance, art therapy – like painting, and even writing a message of appreciation. Emotional healing allows new ways of being to integrate so that you can change your life with ease. Your emotional well-being is key to spiritual healing.

Spiritual Free Will

Respecting your spiritual free will, sharpens your ability to choose and create your own experiences of reality. In a universe where anything and everything is possible, including the creation of life on Earth, what are you dreaming possible?

Taking personal responsibility for your choices is the ultimate key to your freedom. The emphasis is to encourage you in building your confidence and maintaining a healthy state of being, like joy and happiness.

About The Logo

peace compass logo

About the Peace Sign

There are many differing theories on where and how the peace sign came to be. Most agree that the symbolism comes from the Runes. My personal favourite meaning is the peace sign with arms facing upwards. For me, it symbolizes opening up and reaching for the sacred and divine to ground through the earth.

Overall it is symbolic of the sacred, divine and presence of a peaceful life. I have placed the peace sign into a compass rose. The rose is symbolic of mystical western spiritual practices, much like the lotus for the east. It is seen as a sacred symbol in many places and found on many ancient buildings — designating those spaces as sacred.

The gold is symbolic of the sacred being an integral part of the physical world, sapphire blue for clarity, and silver is representative of the dimensions between the physical and spiritual. In every moment, the peace compass is pointing to the direction of peace – internal and external.

Spiritual Journey

You are a child of the Universe, God, Existence or whatever label we’ll start giving this concept in a few years. To be able to define your spiritual journey, you will need to define the journey you want to embark on as a spiritual being.

Through taking guided meditation courses, finding a mentor and reading through self-help books, you can learn so much about your journey. That said, learning is only a step in the direction. Ultimately, it’ll come back to your actions, specifically your intuitive actions, where you’ll see the greatest fulfillment along your spiritual journey.

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