I’ve danced around bringing this to you for a long time. Clairvoyance – what is it really…

The answer is a lot simpler than you might expect. In fact, you’re likely already adopting a style of clairvoyance that suits your way of life – you’re just not calling it that.

Here’s why I haven’t mentioned it before.

Clairvoyance is often seen as something flaky and all-around sketchy. Crystal ball anyone?

It’s really a disservice though, what we have done to ourselves by arbitrarily declaring these intuitive experiences of our world to be nonsense, ‘just’ imagination or coincidence.

I’ve even seen key students close their ‘eyes’ because they’d rather fit in and the changes they needed to make would be too hard.

They started opening up their clairvoyance and saw that their dream was to be in a different relationship (leave their husband), live in a different city and have a different career.

Come to think of it…that sounds closely familiar to when I reset my entire life. I had an inkling that something was off and long story short, I said good-bye to a relationship that was unhealthy, a career that was not mine, and a city that I outgrew.

highly sensitive person

Anyway, What is Clairvoyance? (your vision)

It really is this simple. Your ability to see beyond the everyday limits of only the things that are right in front of you. This is what leaders, role models, and people who inspire others can do. To see something bigger, greater and more meaningful – possibilities. And these are people able to create meaning out of what they see. Super straight forward.

Literal translation, clear-seeing or clear-vision.

So, Why Do We Shut it Down Then? (the stigma)

Think about the last time you tried to build your dreams, create meaning from past hurts or follow through with a vision?

Notice how much flack people can be willing to give you for going for it? “Nah… I don’t think that’s true” or, “Maybe if/when you have this…” or, “You think you can pull that off?!” It can seem like a steady stream of doubts. Unknowingly, these comments are really aimed at themselves and their own limitations, but they’re great at projecting onto you.

This ends up leaving many people weighing the cost rejection (a majorly common human fear) against authenticity – truly being themselves and following their heart. And what we end up with is a mix of very wounded people who are struggling to live authentically.

Personal Growth (the choice-point)

To be clairvoyant, you need to be responsible for who you are and the actions you take in your life. Simply put this means walking your talk.

I’ve met countless people, from spiritual celebrities, to local practitioners that put on a good show but deeply lack integrity in their vision. It’s sad to see and I believe that this is strongly the reason why people keep this door closed – they see it intimately connected with lack of integrity.

Whereas in fact, clairvoyance is instrumental in maintaining integrity.

Making Sense of It (huh!?)

Think about this…

If you could see clearly and know exactly what was going on in your life, where it’s headed and gain deeper and broader perspectives about you and the world around you – what would that create for you?

You’d probably have a lot less struggle, if any. Your inner circle of friends and family would probably be people that you feel you can be your true self around. You’d likely be willing to take bigger risks, trust more and love life a whole lot more than you do now.

Why wouldn’t you want that? It’s a really honest question.

And it comes back to personal growth and development.

The Upside and the Downside (another choice-point)

The upside of clairvoyance is that you see the world clearly. The downside of clairvoyance is that you see the world clearly. When you open your eyes up you start to see everything.

Some things you’ll love and others you may have a hard time accepting or believing that you can do anything about it.

Consider a larger-than-life example, like war. Many believe that it’s acceptable to kill another person to create peace. Now, if you took a step back and looked at that statement you would most likely see the fault. Pretty quick though, you’d be able to dismiss it – willful blindness, because ‘there isn’t much you can do about it’. Right!?

While this is an exaggerated example, it still applies to difficult things in your life. What are you choosing to ignore because it feels too hard to deal with?

A lot of people choose to focus on positivity. Sometimes I call it, ‘how do you polish this turd?’ It can come at the expense of seeing the wholeness of a given situation, which often ends up with a “I didn’t see that coming!” experience.

As much as you can try to not see something, there will come a time when you will be forced to deal with it. Use your clairvoyance now and your heart to follow through and save yourself the headaches.

Leadership (the Yes factor)

Leaders need to have vision. Period. And if you are going to have a chance of following through, you need to have a courageous heart. There will be times when things are very trying. Everything feels like it’s going backwards, people act up and act out, and it seems like the entire Universe is conspiring against you.

When you keep your vision and follow through strong, you’ll cross over that finish line without fail. And it’s the strength of your vision that will take you there.

Catalysts (The Ability Factor)

You probably know someone out there (or maybe even yourself), who had an epiphany and on a moment’s notice changed the entire course of their life.

It takes a lot of confidence and courage.

For my journey, it was a matter of doing what needs to be done. And when you decide to do it (and then actually jump), the how will naturally come to you, along the way.

Presence (the magic)

There are two things that happen when you use your clear-seeing and follow through.
One, you realize that anything is possible – barring levitation…however, I have not attempted that so who knows for sure.

The second, as you grow and change – your goals, objectives and intentions change with you. Your perspective grows and therefore the information you gather grows. As Einstein puts it… You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.

You need to stretch. This becomes a snowball effect as it grows, changing with every new awareness and step along the way.

So, What About All This Psychic Stuff? (The Psychic Stuff)

Well yes, that can happen. However, clairvoyance is much more than seeing auras, colours, and things from Hollywood movies.

For example, can you see your hopes and dreams? Can you see how to create them? Can you see patterns (like power trips and control games) that people can get into? These are all facets of your clear-seeing.

Do you have a clear vision for your life, for your family, for the world?

You could probably answer yes to these if you tried to focus in on them. It honestly is that simple. People make it way more complicated or special than it needs to be. Everyone does it. They just use different words to explain it.

Psychic – loose translation means ‘of the soul’ or ‘of the mind’.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Shakespeare.

When Do I Need to Use my Clairvoyance? (The Compass)

Well, ideally all the time. Again, this comes back to walking your talk. Most people only bring it out when they are facing a problem and trying to fix it.

Clairvoyance is excellent for completing cycles, helping you define your next steps and keeping up your momentum during plateaus.

Your clear-seeing will help you with focus and execution, calmness and clarity, and you’ll feel happier and more loving with a deeper sense of appreciation and gratitude for life.

Want that?

Use your vision.

My Background (my experience)

My full-time career is helping others open up their clairvoyance. I’ve been doing this since 2001. Most recently, I’ve spent close to 3 years researching and developing systems and strategies to help people open up their eyes to their unique truths.

I provide these services, through group classes, one-on-one programs and online courses.

The view is amazing from a mountain top. Life is full in the valleys.

I hope this article inspires you to open and trust more in your unique awareness.

Looking for support around some stumbling blocks or to up-level your life? Reach out and let’s see where we can go from here.

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