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Finding Peace

Today’s world makes it really hard to find our place, our sweet spot and to bring our purpose and hearts fully into it. Especially so if we have a natural kind heartedness and sensitivity which is commonly referred to as being an empath, intuitive or HSP.

And with all of the people I’ve met over the years who are like this, we share a common vision of hope, peace and optimism for our world and humanity.

And it’s absolutely doable… it’s just the how. Most have no idea of where to begin, yet so many of us believe it’s possible.

Personally, I’ve had a vision since childhood of standing in a vast open prairie field with this wave of Peace suddenly enveloping the entire planet. It’s what I see for the future, here on Earth.

So Instead Of It Being Wishful Thinking… What Do We Then Do About It?

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Creating Your Own Reality

Being in charge of creating your own reality is the key to having the most powerful impact in your life and for the greater good of the world. There are 4 ways to create that you need to pay attention to.

Creating as body. What this means is a focus on goals. Which is fine. However, when you are caught in old programming, such as family and societal programming, these goals are filtered through that lens of creating. And that translates into a lack of real fulfillment or even being able to achieve goals.

Creating through fear or resistance. I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want this happen. Guess what, you’re going to end up manifesting it.

Creating through others or others through us. The diploma I always never wanted. Others have a large influence in your life. If you’re not careful, you could end up absorbing other people’s stuff and make changes that have decades long consequences.

Creating as spirit. This is what we focus in on at Peace Compass. You’ll see tremendous transformations with your ability to get things right and manifest amazing opportunities. This also has the greatest potential for social good. All by focusing internally on your clarity, direction and freedom.

What kind of reality are you creating?

Being Emotionally and Spiritually Free Changes The World

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Creating and manifesting a life you love, building your life for a bigger purpose, bringing peace to yourself, raising your vibration, saying goodbye to toxic relationships, attracting the right people into your life (your tribe), working through ancestral and karmic truths and on and on. Imagine if everyone was doing that.

Don’t you think that would create massive transformation in our world? It absolutely would.

Being emotionally and spiritually free to do that is what I am heralding as the Spiritual Renaissance of the modern age. It’s what each of us, deep down, are seeking right now. If you listen carefully beyond people’s programming and beliefs, you hear communities talking about spiritual awakenings, others talking about freedom of rights, and even others talking about a new world in their own ways. Deep down, regardless of each one’s cultural programming lens or way of creating, we are seeking this spiritual freedom and renaissance. It is deeply hard-wired into our souls.

This shift is simple but not necessarily easy because if it were easy then our world would be radically different. I call this the gap. And this is why it is critical to be conscious of which of the 4 ways of creating we are operating from. 

Fear and resistance causes more of the same.

Goals caught in a programming lens creates an unhealthy ego and attempts at power over others.

Creating through others has an effect of blocking free will and freedom.

Creating as spirit has the ability to deeply impact people causing lasting positive transformation.

And those living aware and awake are wanting to change the world for the future of our kids and grandkids and the future of our relationship with planet earth.

And how do we even begin to face such huge challenges ahead of us?

Here’s How!

We need to aim at the cause of the problems to begin with. However huge the issues are with realities like climate crisis, extreme poverty, global conflicts, and global peace (or lack of it). What actually is the central cause of these issues?

Here’s the truth.

The ‘symptoms’ of war, resource loss and strife are cues of a deeper issue involving the lack of peace amongst our people in the world. And this stems from a deeper internal shift needing to take place in each and every one of us for inner peace.

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If there were peace amongst people, generosity and care would triumph. Collaborative efforts would stand out as the easiest path to transforming those challenges instead of fighting.

We also need to understand that not everyone is on the same page.

By individually addressing this lack in the global consciousness of peace, you indirectly address the cause of those, huge in scale, symptoms. It’s the quickest way to solve these issues completely surrounding every part of our daily lives, as well.

We need to make the foundational basis, peace. Then we have our chance.

Research and Experience

Now, given the research out there on the major value of personal meditation. There is also a body of research on meditation, that when focused on peaceful efforts, significantly decreases crime, terrorism and acts of violence. Isn’t that just mind boggling, yet totally not surprising, all at the same time!!

The science behind it suggests that we need about 1% give or take of a population to create a major impact and with a higher quality of meditation the percentage needed, is even less.

If this is really so effective then why aren’t we doing more of it? Here’s the challenge.

The upside of living consciously is that you make emotions and spiritual reality more real. The downside is that you make emotions and spiritual reality more real. It’s a catch 22.

And for those who are naturally kind hearted and sensitive, often commonly referred as being an empath, intuitive or HSP, this can be really hard. You can start to feel like you’re losing your edge on life, absorb others’ emotions and energies, get trapped into toxic relationships, and get stuck with negativity in your life.

If you get this right though, life is absolutely amazing!! 

So how do we create this hope, happiness and peace in our personal lives?

How To Solve This

I’ve discovered a simple 5-piece solution. This comes from my 20+ years of professional experience in personal development and spiritual growth and my direct involvement launching and leading two large-scale global movements for peace and our climate.

Here Are The Pieces:

1) You must have the right people with the right tools and the right culture for the movement and purpose itself.

2) Everyone must do the work on themselves for inner peace. That’s why it is so critical to have the right culture.

3) We must all be consistent with being cohesive and organized, all while giving room to be independent and self-directed for the greater good of the movement. That’s why it is so important to have the right aligned people.

4) It must be an energetically safe space. In any given change, you meet energetic resistance that can manifest into physical life. This can be with family, friends, toxic people around you or even a global scale.  This is why you need the right tools.

5) You must bring alignment to your life for your higher purpose or higher self. This is why you need the right people, tools and culture.

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“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peaceful actions with a foundational basis of peace, essentially create peaceful results and outcomes. 

Want To Create Peace? There Are 2 Ways.

1) Become a member of the Peace Compass Portal.

I have a new membership site, where I walk you through monthly themes and forecasts focusing on your personal development and also aimed to create a solution in your life with the challenge of the energies around today’s world.  You learn tools to handle it well and bring that energetic and emotional transformation directly into your personal life.

Through internally active guided meditation and with a spiritual mentor, you can learn how to manage your life well and change your life for the better. This is a very effective process, using motivation and inspiration, so that you can take the power back in your life.

2) Become an organizer of the peace movement.

If you see the value and potential of organizing and coordinating a global peaceful movement and want to find out more about how you can get involved with a collaborative global movement for Peace, book a call here. Peace Compass has the experience and vision to help you get there.

Peace Compass MemberShip Portal

My spiritual healing, meditation and coaching tools come from a variety of disciplines, ranging from:

  • 7 years of the intensive study of energy-based meditation.
  • 6 years of involvement in cutting-edge neurotech.
  • 50,000+ hours of core energywork.
  • Coupled with some hard life lessons.
  • And support from world class coaches.

You’ll learn advanced strategies, skills and tips:

  • Develop Your Intuition.
  • Remove Negativity from your life.
  • Manage your emotions and energies.
  • Create your own reality.
  • Excel as a highly sensitive person.
  • Create deeper meaning.
  • Build your confidence.
  • Maintain and create healthy relationships.
  • Live your dream life.

Still Have Questions?

QUESTION: Can people new to meditation join?
ANSWER: Absolutely! You are going to learn how to use energy-based tools. Just like any other tool, you may have never used a lapper before… maybe you have. However, because of the nature of the tools, each time you use them, you get more comfortable and learn how to use it for yourself… beginner or advanced.
QUESTION: What do I get in my membership?
ANSWER: There is a weekly live meditation that you participate in that is focused on monthly themes. This could be around Karma, masculine and feminine, grounding and a whole other variety of themes.

Themes are taking into account the global energies impacting us all.

As a member, you also receive 30% off healing and reading sessions.

QUESTION: How long do I get access?
ANSWER: You get access as long as your membership is valid.
QUESTION: How will membership help me with my family life?
ANSWER: Let’s face it…family life is amazing, and at times…trying. These tools will help you have fewer of those trying times so that you can have more of those amazing times.
QUESTION: How will membership help me with my business?
ANSWER: The tools you learn will help you develop clear intuition and focus that you can trust, making your decisions that much more effective.
QUESTION: What happens if I don’t like the membership?
ANSWER:That would suck. Please send us an email to let us know what’s going on? And we’ll see how we can support you. Please note the terms of membership on the customer service page.
QUESTION: How much time do I need to set aside for this?
A: There are weekly live meditations (that you’ll have access to in the membership site if you miss it). These meditations are 20 minutes long. It’s up to you what you do beyond that. It’s about what’s best for your lifestyle.
QUESTION: How many years of experience do you have?
A: It’s a strange question that I get a lot. I’ve been teaching and coaching since 1999. And have directed 2 spiritual centers for about 15 years and founded 1 center in Western Canada.
QUESTION: Do I have to participate in some sort of global thing?
A: No. Your act of doing inner work is enough. If you want to participate on a deeper level, please send us an email.

Clear Mind. Clear Heart. Happy Life.

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