Open House Healing Clinics and Drop in Meditation

Peace Compass is a local St Albert meditation, coaching and healing centre that uses proven energy-based meditation tools to help people all over the world.

We help empathic and sensitive people stop taking on negativity from toxic people and difficult situations and learn how to deal with so that they can truly have the amazing relationships and impact they know they are capable of and regain the passion and love they have for life.

Upcoming Open House Drop In Meditation & Healing Clinic in St Albert:
1st Saturday of Every Month
Next One: June 1st

2:00 to 3:30pm
By Suggested Donation: 10 – $20.

Clear Mind. Clear Heart. Happy Life.

You’re invited to come in for a 15 minute aura healing and try out a group meditation.

​​​​​It’s also a great space to meet other students, ask questions and of course, get a hand with your personal energy system so that you can have more peace and ease within.

Reservations are recommended. To reserve your seat, please contact us here via email: [email protected] or text 587.357.1357 to hold your spot.

A Peace Compass Perspective

All Healing is Self-Healing

Ultimately, all healing is self healing. No one can do the work for you. Peace Compass provides you with the tools for making it a whole lot easier.

Respect for Personal Space and Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries and relationships are key to maintaining your place within yourself. Peace Compass is committed to helping you learn how to create and manage healthy ‘energetic’ boundaries.

horse tree

“You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink.” ~ Ancient Proverb

Emotional Healing

You are encouraged to take the time in your life to find a quiet place to listen to and regularly express your emotions. This emotional expression can be in various forms like spiritual dance, art therapy – like painting, and even writing a message of appreciation. Emotional healing allows new ways of being to integrate so that you can change your life with ease. Your emotional well-being is key to spiritual healing.

Spiritual Free Will

Respecting your spiritual free will, sharpens your ability to choose and create your own experiences of reality. In a universe where anything and everything is possible, including the creation of life on Earth, what are you dreaming possible?

Taking personal responsibility for your choices is the ultimate key to your freedom. The emphasis is to encourage you in building your confidence and maintaining a healthy state of being, like joy and happiness.

Peace Compass Location

25 St Michael St #210, St Albert, AB T8N 1C7, Canada

Peace Compass

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