How To Pick A Great Coach

10 Step Outline of How To a Find a Great Coach and Avoid the Pitfalls of Hiring Someone That Does Not Work For You

(7-10 minutes read & [2] 5-10 minute exercises)

It’s coaching season for you and you are on the hunt for a great coach. One that will seamlessly and effectively help you triumph through life and/or business. Right!?

Well not so easy to find the right coach these days. With the boom in the coaching industry everyone and their dog is now focused on ‘making it’ in the industry. Unfortunately, there are some who are giving the industry a bad name…even those at the forefront of it.

Full Disclaimer | My job description is an Optimal Life Guide. I am writing this article to support with changing the coaching industry for the better and helping clients, like yourself, make informed decisions.

Whether deliberately or not there are some pitfalls to avoid. I even fell into one…almost cost me $8000. Still cost me a chunk of change though and a few terse words. This was a coach who had a number of celebrity endorsements. Won’t say who but what I will say is, you need to learn how to look for the pitfalls. This means answering these types of questions for yourself.


    • Are they doing a GREAT job and can they deliver?
    • Are they a fit? Not every coach will be able to help you.
    • What are their motivations for being a coach?

Here Are The 10 Action Steps For How To Find A Great Coach and Avoid The Pitfalls

As you go through each of the steps, here is what to do. For each step, I will give a score value between 5 and 15.
Give each action step a score and total it at the end.
The higher the number you give, the more that coach resonates for you. 0 or 1 for not. My recommendation is that your total is at a minimum of 100 points before you consider hiring a coach. You are welcome to practice on me. Go through the action steps on me and tally it up. How do I fair with you?

#1 What is their Story? Value 15 points 
As coaching is such a personalized service, does their story reflect their coaching program? For example if they are stating they are going to help you build your dream life and they are not living their’s, you may want to take that into consideration. Here is a check point, have they themselves gone through any transitions in their lives that give credibility to their claim? Does their story resonate with you? Can you see yourself in a similar path to what they have taken?  Leo’s Story

#2 What is their Program? Value 15 points 
Do they have a well developed program? Is it a cookie cutter version or something that they have passionately created? This is something you need to get clear on so that you can get the optimal experience for yourself. Personally, I would prefer a non-cookie cutter version. A version that the coach, themselves, built. If it comes from their training and life experiences, they are going to have a lot of passion, commitment and enthusiasm for their program(s). It took me 9 months to build my program, outside of my 10+ years of training, as an example. I even recently significantly updated my programs.  Leo’s Program

#3 What is the Entry Point? Value 15 points 
How do they give access to potential clients to start working with them? Do they have an application, a free consultation…basically how professional and ‘open’ are they to accepting new clients. This is where you look for their intentions and you can tell pretty quickly if they are there to just make money or if they truly, are a coach. Look around and if it seems too ‘markety and salesy’ you may want to approach someone else. Also, check out their website and see if they have anything that you can read, like a blog.

#4 Online Presence Value 10 points
Check out their social media postings.
Go to their social media platforms and look at their posts and scroll down a ways…go back a few months. What are they posting then? Does it resonate for you? Are there even any postings that go back a few months? How are they responding to their followers? Start to get a sense of their style through what they are posting in their profiles. Try not to worry about how many followers they have. Those can be fudged to give the illusion that they are more popular than they are.
Leo’s most used Social Media Platform | G+

Google them. Check out their website. Does their vibe resonate with you? What is their web presence like? Do they just have a slap dash sales page to hook you into their sales funnel? Or are they really trying to help people improve upon their lives?

#5 Customer Service Value 10 points
On their website do they have a good customer service policy? Check it out and make an informed decision through that. Once, you start to interact with them and you can get a happy sense of their customer service, give a bonus 5 points. Leo’s Customer Service.

#6 Experience Value 10 points
Try to get a sense of how long they’ve been coaching for and how many clients plus where. You probably know the saying of practice makes perfect. If they haven’t been involved with personal service gigs for very long, you might want to allow that to help your decision making formula. That said there are some great new coaches with amazing talent.

#7 Certification Value 5 points
This has some credibility and realistically doesn’t mean all that much. Personally, I would rather get financial advice from someone who has seen both amazing and rough times financially and how they pulled through, than someone who is ‘certified’. When it comes to coaching it really boils down to two things. Research and Experience. What is their experience? If they have none, what have they researched? For example a real estate coach may have no experience in selling real estate. That said, they went around the territory they are in and asked the top realtors how they do it and pulled together a training manual in how to. Would that training manual be worth money? Absolutely. Oh and in the case that you are wondering…I am a certified coach.

#8 Do they have an Intake Form? Value 15 points
When you get in contact with them, ask this question… Do you have an intake form? A good intake form should take at least 30 minutes to fill out. For example, my intake form takes on average, about an hour to fill out. I genuinely want to know my clients and how best to help them make those changes they want to see. That is why they are hiring me…I better do my job.

#9 What is their price point? Value 15 points
What is the cost of taking one of their programs? This is the biggest clue as to whether or not to hire them. And it is not about the price point in the way you might think. A good coach will charge this following way. They are going to look at the value of what they have to offer and the results clients get. They will then come up with a ‘comfortable’ price point for what they offer.

But here is what a great coach, not just a good coach, will do. They are going to stretch themselves beyond that…not because they want to charge more but because they want to push themselves as a coach, beyond their comfort level. They need to be growing just as much as you are. For example, my current rate is $7500 for a 16 week program. For the 16 week program, my comfort zone price point is about $6000 (about $1500/mo). The additional $350/mo really does push me beyond my comfort level for charging clients. This for me, compels me to bring all of what I’ve got to the table. I am going to ensure that I am doing my job.

Both the coach and yourself need to look at this as an investment in each other.

So here is what I recommend when shopping around. Ask the coach what price point will really stretch them so that they get to new and unparalleled heights as a coach with your program. This honestly, is worth every extra penny. If they are not charging at a price point that stretches them, I actually encourage you to either walk away or offer paying them their stretch point. See what their reaction is to this. This will give you clues to their ability to help you.

Price Point Flip Side. The price point also needs to stretch you. It needs to slightly be out of your comfort level. Why? If you were enrolled in a program that was a comfortable price point. You may or may not give it to yourself. If the price point stretches you, you bet you are going to show up. As odd as it is money has become an accountability partner in our society. So make money work for you. Find a price point that pushes you slightly beyond what you are comfortable with.

#10 Intuitive Clear Decision Value 15 points
(5 – 10 Minute Exercise)
You are going to have your objections for sure. Usually time and money are the objections. I can’t afford that. Realistically can you afford not to? I don’t have the time. Schedule it in. It really comes back to your intuitive decision though. So here is your exercise. Find your 3 yeses. Why do you want a coach? What 3 reasons make you fully committed to working with a coach. Find your 3 nos. What will you not be ok with? Find your 3 reasons why you will not work with someone.

Get clear on these before you start your search for a coach. Take a few minutes and just let it gurgle up from the depths of your self…your yeses and nos. Write them down and have them close at hand when talking to or researching a coach for yourself. Get an intuitive sense of whether or not they match your core requirements.

Here are my 3 yeses and nos for when I am screening my potential clients.

My Yeses

Energetically aligned

Enthusiastic to create their optimal lives from a place of ‘infinite possibility’

They realize that it is going to take some personal work

My Nos

Consistent levels of excuses for their behaviour

Committed to their limitations

Make life difficult for those around them

Want to build your optimal life and have the willingness and ability to do so?


“I discovered Leo in my journey to develop my personal and spiritual life goals. He helped me realize who I am and why I am here and that life is full of lessons to be learned, appreciated and accepted. Anyone wanting to unlock their true passion in life and need the confidence and direction to do so should get in touch with Leo.”

Melissa Yarmuch
Mom, Teacher’s Aide and Future Entrepreneur

St. Albert

Personal Boundaries

“I am grateful to have found Leo and Peace Compass. He has helped me improve personal boundaries and taught me how to have more confidence in myself so that I have more control in my life. People that are busy and have chaotic lives need a way to collect themselves and would absolutely find Leo tremendously helpful.”

Crystal Wimpney
Business Owner


About Leo Richard Integrity Coach. Energy Healing Expert. Clairvoyant Guide. Writer.

Hi! My name is Leo. In 2014, I decided to do a complete life overhaul. Call it an epiphany, mid-life crisis, whatever it was, it was one of the clearest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I wanted an amazing life.

Between my self-imposed limitations and the limitations of those around me, I’d had enough. So, I set out to redesign my life.

I learned some very hard lessons, met some absolutely amazing people, and found that the way to create an authentic life is finding inner peace.

Now, inner peace is a very broad concept. However, it is vital that you define it for yourself.

What is inner peace for you? Drop me a line and let me know.

Please share this article. Happy Coach Hunting!

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