Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are also known as clairvoyant readings, aura readings or psychic readings. Intuitive readings are an excellent way to address deep psycho-spiritual challenges such as karmic cycles, relationship issues, next steps with career and breaking free from personal limitations.

Intuitive readings look at your spiritual energy system as represented in the seven layers of your aura and through your seven major chakras. Along with colours, a reader may see memory pictures, symbolic images, spiritual beings and usually energies belonging to others — like friends and family members.

They will also be able to help you with your next steps in life, help you identify and release blocks. Readings also help you get in touch with your own energy, so you can know your own truth and make the optimal and best choice for yourself.

In a reading, the reader looks for what is your optimal energy and what may be getting in the way of your ability to live in that vibration.

Through an intuitive reading, a reader gets a clear sense of who you really are and what you are wanting to create in your life. They may see past experiences (even past lives) which have affected you. They may also get insights into next steps you’re wanting to take in future.

This all said, the future is maleable. You have the ability to create healing and change your course of action at any time. These intuitive readings are excellent for helping you heal in present time so that you can alter the fate of your future. It is a very empowering and authentic experience.


1. During a reading, the first step is to help you get neutral and become present as spirit in your body. This is usually through a spiritual healing. At times other tools will be used to help create a neutral, clear and safe space for the reading.

2. The reader then starts with a rose reading. This is a snapshot of your current spiritual growth cycle. The emphasis is on your energy and what might be interfering with moving forward in your life. This could be patterns, old cycles, other people’s agendas and limiting beliefs.

3. The reader goes on to read the 7 layers of your aura or 7 major chakras. Looking specifically at your energy on this level will help you take big leaps as you move forward in your life, career and relationships.

4. If need be, your reader will also look at 2 to 3 past lives. These aren’t about, ‘you were the king or queen of such and such’. These are about what you are either learning still or what valuable insights are there, that are yours, to get you through your current life situation.

5. The reading is finished with a ‘Spiritual Hello’ to you as spirit and a yes to your next steps.

General Readings (great for beginners)

Intuitive readings involve looking at the 7 main layers of your personal space. This will give you some insights into what is your energy. Habitual life patterns and unhealthy limitations to your life are addressed during intuitive readings. Along with that, intuitive readings provide a launching pad for you to kick start your journey into the most wonderful life you could have ever dreamed of.

Past Lives & Karma Reading (the heavy stuff)

These clairvoyant readings focus on past lives and karma, which are currently impacting your present day life. The emphasis is on keeping it light and easy along with direct and straight to the point.

Creating Your Own Reality (the light stuff)

In these intuitive readings, the reader will look at the spaces that you are in process of creating and/or would like to create. The emphasis is in helping remove limitations and supporting you in bringing lighter brighter vibrations to your life.

Relationship Reading (the social network…ahem…outside of facebook)

In these intuitive readings, the reader looks at the energies taking place between x number of people. Typically, these intuitive readings are around family dynamics and/or spousal relationships. The emphasis is on supporting with next steps in either enhancing, completing or learning how to handle relationships, both challenging and amazing.

Workpath & Career Reading (the money factor??)

In these intuitive readings, the reader will look at energetic dynamics surrounding your workpath. The focus is on creating healthy work/life balance, looking at workpath options that you are contemplating and releasing limitations to a healthy career.

Relationships (creating healthy [ier] co-creations)

Get an inside look into your business and personal relationships. In these intuitive relationship readings, the reader will help you get clear on patterns that are healthy and help you release unhealthy relationship patterns. In turn, the reader will offer you guidance in how to steer clear of difficulties and how to attract and/or create amazing co-creations with loved ones and those in your life. These intuitive readings can include family dynamics, close intimate ties and work relationships.

Ready To Book A Reading?

Intuitive Readings can be done remotely or in person as spiritual energy is not limited by time and space. Distance readings are especially useful when there are physical or geographic limitations.

These sessions can be revitalizing and help speed up recovery times for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Sessions are done by phone, Zoom or at our Meditation and Healing Center in St Albert, Alberta, Canada.

** Readings are for entertainment and spiritual growth purposes. These readings are not intended to be a replacement for medical, financial or business advice. You are solely responsible and accountable for any decisions, actions and results in your life.

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