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Free 10 Minute Guided Meditation
Remove negativity, create balance and improve your mood.
Self-Care for Sensitive Souls Free Guided Meditation
Essentials for the sensitive you.
Tips For Your Intuition Podcast
Learn some cool tips to support opening up and trusting your intuition.
Reinventing Your Life Podcast
Dream of changing your life? Here is your chance.

“In a busy world, it’s easy to settle for the way things are and forget you are important too. This is an amazing gift you can give to yourself that truly transforms your life.”

Trisha White

Architectural Business Manager

Awesome Online Programs

Life By Intention Premium Program
Unshakeable confidence. Loving relationships. Endless possibilities.
Down To Earth

“Leo embodies a unique combination of down to earth pragmatism with the belief in infinite possibility and is passionate about lessening the suffering of others. He helped me realize that I can be honest and direct without hurting others. Anyone who is looking to expand their vision, would benefit from working with Leo and he stands out the most in his honesty and integrity.”

Varda Hardy

San Francisco

Spiritual, Business and Life Coaching

Using Clairvoyance to help you erase the rules that are secretly holding you back.

Live Your Life
Helping you create awesome positive life changes through clearly defined weekly challenges.
Personal Freedom Ticket
Learn the easy 5-step process to overcome anything standing in your way.
Is This For You
Calling all big dreamers with even bigger hearts seeking positive clear direction.
Space Clearing
Remove negative and no longer wanted energies from your home and business so that you can have awesome environments where creativity and life fulfillment blooms.
Healthy Personal Boundaries

“I am left feeling empowered and inspired. His neutral tone and spiritual eloquence make him one of a kind. Most importantly I learned how to set my boundaries and stay grounded. Leo is incredibly gifted and shines with his ability to connect with all walks of life.”

Georgia Hilton, Gaia Love



“I discovered Leo in my journey to develop my personal and spiritual life goals. He helped me realize who I am and why I am here and that life is full of lessons to be learned, appreciated and accepted. Anyone wanting to unlock their true passion in life and need the confidence and direction to do so should get in touch with Leo.”

Melissa Yarmuch
Mom, Teacher’s Aide and Future Entrepreneur

St. Albert

Personal Boundaries

“I am grateful to have found Leo and Peace Compass. He has helped me improve personal boundaries and taught me how to have more confidence in myself so that I have more control in my life. People that are busy and have chaotic lives need a way to collect themselves and would absolutely find Leo tremendously helpful.”

Crystal Wimpney
Business Owner


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