If You Were Living a Fully Authentic Life…

A Life Where You Truly Knew Who You Are, Your Purpose and Woke Up Every Morning Completely Grateful About it…
What Would That Look Like For You?

Leo Richard

Life By Intention

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Life By Intention


Clear out what is holding you back from a life that truly clicks for you. Join a safe community space using proven research to help you figure it out.

There are no limits to the things you do for your family and those around you. Imagine if you could take just a fraction of that intense love and commitment and give it to yourself.
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Something Feels Kinda Off, Right?

It’s that thing you just can’t seem to put your finger on.

For the most part, life is really great. I mean really great. You’ve dedicated yourself to raising an awesome family and have some really cool little (or not-so-little anymore) human beings to show for it.

And that should feel like enough, shouldn’t it?

But it doesn’t always.

And the fact that it doesn’t probably makes you feel guilty. How dare you want more from your life? You should just be grateful for what you already have.

Aren’t you a little tired of people telling you what you should or shouldn’t want?

Well, you’re not alone! These feelings are totally normal and usually appear when you’re ready for (or in the middle of) some kind of life transition.

Maybe your kids are (finally!!) becoming more independent and you’re beginning to have some time to yourself.

Maybe your job doesn’t quite fit like it used to and you’re constantly counting down to the weekends or vacation time.

 Or your closest relationships have changed and you’re trying to navigate being married with kids, or co-parenting and dating again, or building lasting friendships.

Who are you today, in this new stage of your life?

Trying to sort these things out on your own can often feel like treading in open water. You’re trying to keep your head up to see which direction to swim for, but in reality just barely managing to stay afloat and praying that the universe will just toss you a line already!

I bet you’ve tried plenty of different things too – signing up for a yoga class or boot camp, taking on a new creative hobby, reading self-help books…looking for that “something” that will fill the hole, the place where you know something is missing.

Has it worked?  

What Would You Do If Anything Was Possible?

What if you could easily identify your missing piece and be really clear about what you want out of your life? And not just find some superficial filler, but something that adds very specific meaning and value to the part of your life where you need it the most.

What if you could then create a map that would take you from exactly where you are today (no matter where you’re starting from), to exactly where you want to go, no detours, no backtracking, no scenic routes – just the most direct path to your dream life.

Well, these are just the first two modules of Life By Intention.

The truth is you need more than an insight and some directions though…otherwise your self-help books would be working, right? You need to build up all parts of yourself in order to sustain change. As the saying goes, each new level of your life will demand a different you. It was the same when you became a parent, you’re a different person now.

Instead of being trial by fire though, with sleepless nights and many tears, this program will take you step-by-step through each part of yourself. You’ll discover who you are at your core and what is most important to you, build up your confidence so that you feel comfortable in your own skin and creating and living life on your terms.

Unshakeable confidence.

You’ll learn how to set up your environments to support you and develop relationships and connect in a way that nourishes you, right to your core. And ultimately you’ll learn to use all of your natural gifts, from intuition to generosity, to build a dramatically better life for you and your family.

Why This Is Exactly What You Need…

Guided Meditation

Have you tried meditating before? Maybe you loved it or more than likely you spent the whole time with your eyes closed putting together your next grocery list? Most people can’t turn it off, that’s super common.

Traditional Eastern meditation invites you to empty your mind…which is a lot like being on a diet, and telling yourself: “Self – don’t even think about that brownie.” and then you can’t think of anything else BUT that brownie. You meditate, and tell yourself: “Empty it all out, don’t think about anything.” and then every single thing on your to do list, anything you’ve ever Googled and every conversation you’ve ever had in your life starts popping up and replaying on full volume. I hear you!

Here’s the great thing – you don’t actually have to turn it off. Stop working against yourself! Instead, what you can do (which is SO much easier) is focus that internal conversation – give it a purpose. Use it to learn about yourself, reflecting on things and getting clear about what that (really loud) inner voice is telling you to do next. This is called “active meditation” and yes, it is EXACTLY what you need in your life.

Listening to yourself is transformative.

You’ll learn how to set up your environments to support you and develop relationships and connect in a way that nourishes you, right to your core. And ultimately you’ll learn to use all of your natural gifts, from intuition to generosity, to build a dramatically better life for you and your family.

Creative Visualization

This won’t be a new concept to most of you. So many of the highest performing people in the world incorporate creative visualizations into their lives – athletes, entertainers, CEOs…Oprah. They’ll work for you too, helping to bring your dreams to life, and here’s how…

 It involves vividly imagining your dream or goal, using all of your senses to bring it to life. So, let’s take the brownie example again. Close your eyes and picture it – fresh out of the oven and sitting on your countertop. So fresh you can see steam coming off the top, you can feel the heat from the pan and smell the delicious chocolate filling the kitchen – is your mouth watering yet?! We’re talking about an imaginary brownie here, but your mind is so powerful that if you’ve visualized it with enough sensory detail you can probably already taste it.

 You can feel exactly what it’s like to already have it, and it becomes very real – you have no doubt that you could absolutely have that brownie right now if you wanted it! And now that you’ve decided that you can have it, your mind opens up about how to actually make it happen. Everything becomes possible.


And in the same way, creative visualization can help with your other dreams. If you don’t believe that something is possible to begin with, there will always be an unlimited supply of reasons that it can’t or won’t happen (whether that’s a small dream like getting a brownie, or something bigger like starting your own business). As soon as you know something is possible, you’re finally able to get out of your own way and paths start opening up all over the place to make it happen.

Targeted Exercises

To actually make a difference in your life, it’s not going to be about what you learn…it’s all ultimately going to hinge on what you do. Getting your kids to understand why they need to brush their teeth and them actually doing it, for example…knowledge doesn’t prevent cavities.

 The exercises throughout the program are going to help you in a couple of ways, one of which is developing some great habits that will support your future growth. Another really important piece is about giving you a safe and guided way to practice your new life skills. And practice makes progress!

As a beginner, you might feel a bit unsure about the steps you’re taking – that’s completely normal! Trying something new can be intimidating – you have doubts and probably judge yourself way too harshly on your early attempts. You tell yourself you’re not good enough far too often. Continued practice will help to build up your self-confidence in a huge way. You’ll see the impact of the changes you’re making and be motivated to keep going

Accountability And Support

Going it alone can be rough! And sometimes your immediate support network isn’t always as supportive as you thought they would be. Often when you’re looking to make a change in your life, those closest to you can get defensive.

If you’re looking to leave the corporate world behind for example, your fellow nine-to-fivers may be quick to list off the risks, or if you’re cleaning up your diet your partner may seem unusually resolute about being happy just the way they are.

People can very easily take something that you’re doing for yourself, and make it about them. It’s an instinctual worry for most, the creation of a “better than” “worse than” scenario – you working for yourself makes you better than them or them choosing to keep their 9-5 makes them worse than you.

It’s untrue. It’s only ever about what is the best fit for each person. But these can be the realities of perception and therefore something you’ll have to deal with.

What’s important as you’re looking to start this journey then is that you have great support. Change can be tough, so having people on your side is critical! You’ll need encouragement on the days that you’re not sure you can do it and you’ll really appreciate having an accountability buddy, who won’t let you settle for less than what you truly want. This program provides both of those things, access to a group of like-minded people on similar journeys and professional coaches to help you along the way. 

So, Here’s What We’ll Cover in Each Lesson…

MODULE 1: THE DISCOVERY PHASE We talked about this earlier – this niggly feeling that something is off. It may be that you need to change something but don’t know exactly what. Or maybe you do know what that something is, and you just don’t know how. Welcome to the Discovery Phase! Just so you know – this is a really important step, letting you know that you’re on your way to something better.

Lesson One

The Vision: Develop a crystal clear vision for your life and have the confidence to start building it. Being intentional and focused, and learning the four ways of creating will greatly influence your understanding of your life’s path.

Lesson Two

The Story: This lesson will reinforce that you are the author that pens your own life story and how, through the journey of this program, you can begin to write it exactly the way you want to see it play out.

Lesson Three

The ‘Aha’ Moment – Trust Your Vibes!: Helping you identify the different types of intuitive sensitivities you have will give you so much more clarity in your decision making, allowing for an optimistic and fulfilling life.

The moment one discovers their potential as a human being is the moment one discovers how great and amazing life really is.


MODULE 2: REDESIGN This is where most people get stuck. They get an insight (their ‘aha moment’) and then proceed to do absolutely nothing about it or if they do, go about it in a way that causes grief, pain and headache (or heartache). What happens then, is they turn back to old habits and patterns. This time, learn how to redesign your life pain-free!

Lesson One

Pure Possibilities: Use the realm of pure possibility (where anything and everything is possible) as a catalyst for making your dreams come to life. The focus and clarity that comes through this lesson is next to none and helps you discover (and live to) your deepest potential.

Lesson Two

Dichotomies: We live in a world of contradictions. Things like “not good enough” vs. “better than”, “right” vs. “wrong” can really trap us (unknowingly) and keep us stuck. How many times have you not bothered to even try something because you didn’t think you were good enough? Stepping out of these patterns is key to letting go of habits that no longer serve you…or maybe never did!

Lesson Three

Having Your Dream: Your biggest hill to climb will be dealing with your own self-doubt and every reason or excuse you can think of for why it won’t happen. Challenge yourself to identify your personal limitations and tell them good-bye forever!

Lesson Four

Build Your Map: How can you get to where you want to go if you don’t know where that is? Take everything that you have learned to date and start actually creating your map so that you can design your new life with confidence and certainty.



MODULE 3: ELEVATION & JOY This is where people start to feel the stretch marks of the changes they make and often stumble (and sometimes go backwards). That’s why elevating yourself is so so important. Ever notice how when you’re in a ‘bad’ mood that more and more ‘bad’ things seem to happen? And when you’re in a good mood, more and more positive things happen? Yeah…exactly that!

Lesson One

A Joy Filled Life: Identify your stumbling blocks and overcome them using enthusiasm as a fundamental tool for living the life of your dreams.

Lesson Two

How To Elevate Yourself: You are what you speak and you can strongly predict the outcomes of your life, based on your communication. Learn how to change the conversation – reframe the way you talk to and about yourself to create outcomes that you actually want.

Lesson Three

Creative Fulfillment: Life is an art, take pride in the creation of your masterpiece – your life! Then take it to a whole new level!

Lesson Four

Stop Overcoming And Find Your Compass: Let’s be honest, it can be hard to be yourself in today’s world. But it’s time to overcome your fears and breakthrough. You’re worth it!


MODULE 4: AUTHENTICITY Authenticity…what does that even mean anymore? Who are you? At your core…in the deepest part of your heart, who really are you? A seemingly tough question with an easy-to-follow path to the answer.

Lesson One

Energy Fields: Ever walked into a room and felt the tension so thick, that you could almost cut it with a knife? In this lesson we’ll talk about energy fields, what they are and how these rarely discussed realities significantly impact you and your personal life.

Lesson Two

The Infamous Ego: Let me be clear: you have an ego. This is not a bad thing though. It’s all about what you do with it. As long as you have a body you have a personality and therefore an ego. Building a strong relationship with your body, as a tool and an ally is key to opening up to lasting happiness. This lesson is your key to body confidence.

Lesson Three

An Expression-Filled Life: Consider for a minute, how is it that you express yourself? And what is your true self? In this lesson you’ll practice soulful expressions and discover what your inner voice has been trying to tell you all along.


MODULE 5: MASTERY Learn how to step safely and fully into the world, as yourself. This module is going to challenge you to stand on your own two feet and grab a hold of your life enthusiastically! Practice Makes the Impossible – Possible!

Lesson One

Clear Limiting Beliefs: Beliefs are often assumptions that are not yet busted. They are structures that give meaning. However, limiting beliefs are structures with meaning that no longer serve us. It is time to clear those out!

Lesson Two

Knowingness – Your Intuition: Follow your hunches and get in touch with your life purpose with some intuition hacks.

Lesson Three

Inner Peace: Feeling trapped or overwhelmed? Well, no more! Learn how to step outside of the box completely and in turn create a deep sense of calm, stillness and quietness within.

Lesson Four

Yes!!: Boldly and enthusiastically take life by the horns and create meaning and purpose from and for your life journey.


MODULE 6: SPIRITUAL FREEDOM Let’s talk about freedom. What exactly is it? Is it winning the lottery? Amazing relationships? Spiritual Freedom is the pinnacle of all other freedoms – to be free of any self-imposed restrictions, judgements or limiting beliefs and to genuinely love oneself unconditionally. When you have this, all other freedoms will come. It’s a mindset – but also so much more.

Lesson One

Spiritual Living: Living in tune with your core philosophies (what is truest for you) will create a deep level of spiritual integrity.

Lesson Two

Generosity: Think about the last time you made dinner for someone? Chances are that you did it with much more effort and enthusiasm than when you just make dinner for yourself. You brought out the fancy dishes and maybe even used a recipe you’d pinned?? With your resources of time, abundance and appreciation, generosity can be a major catalyst for growth.

Lesson Three

Relationships: Your inner circle is a reflection of you and where you are going in life. Healthy relationships are vital to life fulfillment.

Lesson Four

Safe Spaces: Earlier, I mentioned walking into a room and feeling the tension so thick, that you could almost cut it with a knife. Well here is where you learn how to do remove those energies and create safe ‘zones’ for you and your loved ones.

Lesson Five

Keeping Up Your Momentum: Progress is leverage. And momentum however large or small it is, is inseparable to a life worth living.


And This is What You Can Expect…

Life By Intention is a research-backed and proven 24-lesson (6 Module) program, which is designed to be completed over 8 weeks. This pace will allow you the time to practice and implement the things you’re learning and form new habits to support the changes you want to make for the long-term.

All lessons begin with a quick introduction outlining the weekly action steps (typically 8-10 steps), which include watching a video, doing the creative visualization and guided meditation, and then any life enhancement exercises that may be part of the lesson.

You’ll receive a fillable and continuously savable D.R.E.A.M.S Guidance Book, taking you every step of the way. The guidance book (and I am serious when I say guidance) has been created for an optimal flow, to get you the absolute most out of the program AND it can be tailored to meet your needs.

Every worksheet within the guidance book has instructions on how to complete the course enhancement exercises. Unlike many “how to” templates, this is a part of a system. You are not left out in the cold and with this book will feel confident in how to make continued progress.

See How It’s Helped in Their Lives


“I enrolled in Leo’s program during a significant transition period. I entered with my head in a fog and two months later I have a substantially different outlook. I appreciate his coaching style, which strikes just the right balance between being practical, motivational, and challenging. So glad I gave this gift to myself!”

Ysette Guevara, PhD

New York


“Leo has a vast knowledge of the spiritual world that he brings to his classes. I was struggling with so much, he taught me how to listen to my inner self, trust it and build my courage and strength.”

Barb Day-Szymanski



“I can only describe the journey with Leo as an “enlightenment” one. Within a couple of months I learned so much about myself, mastering my feelings and how to claim back my space and energy. If you are unsure about your next steps in life, dealing with stress constantly, or if you want to find peace in your heart, Leo is your person.”

Afnan Khalidi, Homeopath

Saudi Arabia

So, Are You Ready for an Awesome Year Too?

When you enroll, this is what you’ll get:

The FULL Life By Intention Training Program Priority access to all 6 Modules with videos, creative visualizations, guided meditations and action steps. (Value ~ $2,997)

8 Live Classes With Peace Compass Coaches 8 live trainings to keep you on track and make sure you’ve got this! As cliche as this is, you’re success is our success. We’re investing in you. (Value ~ $3,497)

The D.R.E.A.M.S. Guidance Book: A fillable and continuously savable 200 page guidance book packed with invaluable course enhancement worksheets and step-by- step instructions. Considering the journey that you will set forth on, this is about as plug-and-play as it gets so that you can get to the real work – enjoying your life and fulfilling your dreams. (Value ~ $997)

BONUS # 1 Instant access to the private Life By Intention Mastermind Facebook Group Knowing that others are on the same journey as you and working alongside them as your peers is massively inspirational; gain invaluable feedback, insights and support. (Value ~ $997)

The Spiritual Healing Bundle Created by popular request, these lessons have previously only been offered to those in my years-long graduate programs. Only a handful of people have had access to this bundle before.

BONUS #2 SACRED CONNECTIONS – When it comes to the meaning of life, philosophers from all eras agree, what it all comes down to is love. A potent exercise so that you can connect to the sacred and divine energy of Love!

BONUS #3 PAST LIVES – Ever wondered whether you have a past life or not? Use guided meditation to help you safely open your conscious awareness of past lives without the use of hypnosis or other tools that involve applying the unconscious.

BONUS #4 DREAMWORK – Dreams have long been at the forefront of major world revolutions (“I have a dream!” – MLK) all to way down to the simplest of daily activities. What do your dreams tell you?

BONUS #5 LAYERS OF YOUR PERSONAL SPACE – Life feeling overwhelming? Just like your home can get cluttered and congested, so can your personal space. This is a great meditation to help you clean house and claim back your space.

(Bundle Value ~ $297)

When you add it all up, it’s a total value of $8,785!

And that’s not even counting the unannounced surprises and value that you will master along the way once we get started… But because I’m super excited to welcome you, and to watch you start creating a life filled with endless possibility, loving relationships and unshakeable confidence, within just a few short weeks, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in Life By Intention at only:

Most Flexible:

3 Monthly Payments of $497cad + gst

Best Value:

One Payment of $1297cad + gst (save $203.70)

secure checkout

Need help ordering or have questions?

If you have any questions about the course, please contact us.

Hi! I’m Leo.

Hi! I’m Leo Richard and I’m the Spiritual Director at Peace Compass.
Manifesting Coach, Energy Healing Expert, Clairvoyant Meditation Guide and Writer.

A complete life redesign has taught me some extremely important life lessons.

  • How To Trust my intuition.
  • Love myself, even in the face of adversity.
  • Manifest my dream life – and doing what it takes.

A couple years ago, I was manically going around in circles with 2 successful personal improvement companies, a 12-year relationship and trying to juggle finances. Seems standard, right?
However, the success of those around me was coming at my expense and eventually became a major sore spot in my internal life as I faced objections like…

  • …fears of rejection and betrayal… being adopted didn’t help that very much.
  • …no one would support me…it’s too big of an interruption in their lives and they really don’t want that.
  • …having been so focused on others I wasn’t even entirely sure of what I wanted anymore.
  • …and even if I did know, was I even capable of it??

Some of my fears did come true. Many of those closest to me didn’t support the changes I wanted to make. It was like a slammed door.

However defeating it felt though, it gave birth to a most amazing opportunity. A complete life reset. I ended up walking away from both companies, the relationship, and essentially my entire life. I also had to learn really quickly how to get my new life in order, in a very short amount of time.

It became a blessing as I discovered unfound confidence, limitless possibility and genuinely loving and healthy relationships.

I decided to live to my full potential. That’s what started this whole life reset in motion to begin with and it can be very scary… if you don’t know what you are doing or where you are going.

So, I had to figure it out.

I began by doing a lot of patchwork to make the initial phase as good as it could be. Then I researched best practices for personal development, business continuity and life skills.

I found that much of what the big names in personal development were teaching was just not sticking.

And so my exploration led me back to my own successful clients from the 15+ years in meditation and cutting edge neurotech.

After all this research (2 years of it) I discovered it really comes down to one thing: your own inner knowing needs to come out. After all, your life is your own unique situation. And while it’s great to learn from others, you ultimately know your life best and need to learn how to bring that out of yourself.

* And this is truly where the magic happens. *

Life-altering, beautiful, awesome positive life changes kind of magic.

Think back to some amazing things that have happened in your life.

You know, the stuff that you’ve spent countless hours daydreaming of, planning and then seeing magically unfold in front of you?

All the strategies inside, that you secretly developed and somehow it came to be.
Imagine knowing exactly where those dreams are born inside of yourself and then knowing your exact process to breathe life into those dreams.

That’s is it! That Simple!

That was my ‘aha’ moment. My own inner knowing had to come out. That is really what it comes back to. It took an incredibly long time to figure it out and now I teach a process that makes it a whole lot easier.

Yes, This is Perfect for You!

You’re a genuinely good person trying to find your adventure and freedom in a world that can be overwhelming, competitive and misleading.

You want to spend the next year of your life filled with unshakeable confidence and making a meaningful contribution in the lives of those around you. AND that includes you!

You’ve already spent a significant amount of time thinking about this and you are NOW ready to take the jump with a safe community who is going through and have been through something similar to you and are there to cheer you on.

You’re willing to make a significant investment in you and as cheesy as this sounds, live a life you love that is truly yours.

Leo and Peace Compass have been featured in…

Leo Featured in

Still Have Questions?

Q: I’ve tried so many things already and it might work for a while but never seems to last. Will this stick?

A: A vital part of why things don’t stick is that people don’t fully integrate the steps they take into their daily life. You can relate to it like an elastic band. You take all of these steps and stretch yourself but the elastic band is still being held back. At some point it will snap and A) you go lurching forward into some major drama or B) you take a few steps backward.

In Life By Intention this is accounted for in each one of the exercises, so that this type of disappointment is completely eliminated.

Q: I’ve never done anything like this before. Will this work for me?

A: Energy flows where attention goes. What you put your focus into and the quality of that focus will give you your net results. There is no way for sure to say with 100% certainty that it will. However, those who I’ve seen apply these exact same techniques have had great results.

This is a research-backed and proven program and we are committed to helping you get the results you want for your life.

Q: How is this program different than every other life coaching program out there?

The program is different in so many ways but the key difference is that the program is based in 2 years of research and 1 year of trial and error.

The focus of the research was to see what was most effective and which systems and processes created the greatest results.

That is fundamentally how this programs differs.

Q: I’m feeling stuck and lost and I don’t know if I have the confidence to take something like this on. What kind of support can I expect?

Hi! I totally hear that! And the program itself is designed to help you step by step building your confidence. There is also a support group in Facebook that you will have immediate access to. I am a part of that group also.

Not to forget the 7 live classes that you will be a part of. These live classes are strategically scheduled to give you the most benefit for A Life By Intention.

Q: Why is this program great for parents? How will it help my family life?

Two things people commonly give themselves in this process. 1. Greater confidence and 2. Healthier relationships. Both of those have direct correlations to a healthy family life.

Q: You seem kinda young…how many years of experience do you have anyway?

A: I know. I know. I get this a lot. I look younger than I am. I’ve been teaching grounded and professional meditation, going on 20 years now.

Q: I understand that if I put in the work and actually do the action steps I’ll see epic results – but this seems like a lot of work…how many hours should I be setting aside each week?

A: The intention is to apply yourself whole-heartedly in learning and implementing Life By Intention so that you can optimize your life. However, I get the realities of time, so more or less here’s what you should expect: Lessons will be released weekly. Roughly, there are about 25 hours of training, broken up into bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest. Then you can expect to naturally and effortlessly implement about 2-3 hours per week of action steps.

It’s more like life refinements than adding things to an already busy schedule. No worries though – if that’s too much – you have lifetime access!

And you are worth every minute that you invest in yourself.

Q: I’m a business owner too, will this help my business?

A: Absolutely! Especially with your focus and ability to clearly determine the right course of action.

Q: I’m having challenges with relationships, will this help?

A: Yes! As you change, the way you relate to others changes too, and therefore your relationships will too.

Q: I barely have enough time to get things done as it is – how will I find the time to implement this program?

A: I know you’re crazy busy. And the last thing I want to do is tack on another project to your never-ending to-do pile.

But here’s the thing – you DO have time.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day… and a life to lead. And if you’re checking out this program, chances are you are not completely satisfied with it. And those things you’re not happy about are taking up time in your life.

Imagine, letting go of everything that no longer works for you and having a life filled only with the things you love! I admit there will be some hustle as you go through the initial learning curve, but it’s totally worth it!

Q: How will the program be delivered? (daily, weekly, etc.)

A: I want you to go through the entire program and live a life you truly love. In most cases, this means giving access to each module week by week so that you will complete the program.

There are 6 modules, with over 20 training videos, 20+ creative visualizations, 20+ guided meditations that will be accessible to you and we want to ensure that you feel supported through the entire process. Week by week seems to work best.

If you want immediate full access and truly believe that you will complete the program, please feel free to reach out and we can open the entire program to you.

So, What Are You Waiting For??

Start building your dream life RIGHT NOW with the most comprehensive intentional life coaching program available, by choosing the plan that works best for you:

Most Flexible:

3 Monthly Payments of $497cad + gst

Best Value:

One Payment of $1297cad + gst (save $203.70)

secure checkout

Need help ordering or have questions?

If you have any questions about the course, please contact us.

I’m really looking forward to working with you and seeing you build your best life!

You are absolutely good enough to have the life you’re dreaming about and you are worth every single minute of time that you invest in yourself to make that happen. Peace.

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