Live Your Life!!

You’re deciding to finally look at the elephant in the room — in your inner world room — so to speak. It’s finally time to open up to the most genuine and authentic life you can create for yourself. How exciting!!

Our simple objective is to help you safely open your inner world to the fullest potential and create awesome positive life changes in a practical yet inspiring way.

So, are our coaching programs a fit for you?

If you can answer yes to the following, I strongly encourage you to set up a consultation with Peace Compass – today!

Stuck trying to move forward and have been attempting to figure out your next steps for some time.
Struggling with letting go of negativity and taking on others’ problems and emotions.
Wanting to live an authentic and genuinely happy life.
Trying to build self-confidence and greater acceptance from those around you.


You sense there is something ‘off’ with your life and are having a hard time pinpointing it.
At times, your sensitivities take control of your life and you are unsure what to do.
You struggle with truly being yourself in your relationships with others.
You believe that your abilities and insights become an inconvenience to others.

Tailored Programs

Our Coaching programs offer you a tailor-made experience with no cookie cutter experiences. There are 4 core questions which will form the foundation of our work together.

1] How clear and authentic am I willing to be in my life?
2] Which patterns am I caught in and how do I step out of them?
3] How do I connect to my deepest hopes and make them reality?
4] What, in this moment, can I generate within myself to be at peace?

Programs are approached from a comprehensive take so that when you complete your program you feel like you got out of it what you signed up for and some. We will take a look at all areas of your life to create both long-term and short-term gains for living an amazing life.

Click the link below, book your free breakthrough session (where we figure out if what we offer is a fit for you) and fill in the application. And we’ll call you at the time you booked. Peace.

leo richard coach

“The difference between who you truly are and what your life actually looks like is the cause of your stress. To live your life you must look within and take steps ‘into’ your life making those awesome positive life changes that you seek.” -Leo Richard

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