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New Beginnings Edmonton Meditation Course (Level I)

Using proven research, meditation and Clairvoyance to help you erase the rules that are secretly holding you back from your optimal life.

Upcoming Meditation Edmonton Course Start Date: Monday, September 18th, 2017 [Register]

Mondays: September 18th – October 30th (holiday break)

Early Registration: Receive a $325 bonus course if you register by September 2nd.
Full Schedule: 6 Weekly classes on Mondays, from 6:30 to 9:30pm Tuition: $325

Personal Boundaries

“I am grateful to have found Leo and Peace Compass. He has helped me improve personal boundaries and taught me how to have more confidence in myself so that I have more control in my life. People that are busy and have chaotic lives need a way to collect themselves and would absolutely find Leo tremendously helpful.”

Crystal Wimpney
Business Owner


Benefits of the Meditation Edmonton Course

In the New Beginnings Meditation Course, you will learn how to keep your feet on the ground and your spirits soaring high!

Build Your Confidence


Design Your Life


Healthy Relationships


Spiritual Healing


With the use of relaxation techniques, creative visualization and spiritual guidance you will evoke inspiration and motivation. Right here in Edmonton, you will find a refreshing take on spirituality. What can take months or even years to grasp, can happen within a matter of weeks in this course. Most students report a boost in their self-confidence and creativity.

In contrast to a typical passive meditation class, these meditation classes are structured for active minds. If you’ve tried meditation before, you will find this much easier to learn. Also, I approach spirituality with a grounded and professional take. I find that this offers the greatest positive impact in the classroom.

Some of the topics covered include grounding, centering and how to cleanse your space of negativity and limiting beliefs. With an emphasis on living a fully centred and grounded life, you will minimize any stress and chaos around you. And that is just class one of the series. You will also get to explore how to create and maintain healthy relationships, and do some deep spiritual healing on yourself.

Using the meditation tools and concepts learned in this course, you will easily let go of stress, stop burnout before it happens or if it already has, learn how to get rid of it. Some of my personal favourite tools are applying affirmations that actually work, accessing spiritual/personal freedom and space clearing of homes.

Effective Tools

“Leo teaches like no other. I really took a lot out of the class and will continue to use the tools I learned daily. I never wanted to take time to meditate even it was just for 5 minutes but now I look forward to applying what I learned daily! I now make time. It will always be a part of my daily regime! Thank you Leo!!”

Rose Gawlak

Alberta, Canada

Upcoming Meditation Edmonton Start Date

Monday, September 18th, 2017 [Register]

Full Schedule: 6 Weekly classes on Mondays from 6:30 to 9:30pm

Tuition: $325
September 2nd Early Bird Bonus: New Beginnings Online Self-Paced Course – Value ~ $325

Total Value ~ $650

Suitability: Beginners to advanced level students of all backgrounds are welcome
Location: 202D, 7718 104 Street

What to Expect at the Guided Meditation Classes

My style of teaching combines inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and humour. At times, I wonder if I am a comedian or a guided meditation teacher. Who knows?? That said, humour is a foundational building block of self-confidence, life success and loving relationships. My focus is incredibly clear, with empathy that will challenge you to be your optimal and highest self.

Typically, students in the meditation Edmonton courses come with the realization that something is ‘off’ in their life, and are unsure how to change it. This is often why people seek out guided meditation – as a natural alternative for life enhancement. In my classes, you soon realize that meditation is actually quite fun, while at the same time allowing you to do some clear thinking about how to live a completely fulfilling life.

The first class begins with the basics of centering and grounding meditation techniques. Soon after, you learn how to cleanse your space of negativity and pessimism, and embrace happiness and optimism on a deep level. The Edmonton Meditation course concludes with learning how to ‘own’ your space. This is so that when the course is complete, you have your next step for daily living.

Also, as an option, you may wish to continue your spiritual journey with Level II: Spiritual Healing and Exploration. Nearly 75% of students are so enthusiastic about the course that they do. Regardless, practice makes progress and is a key part of your enrolment in the meditation course.

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Leo Richard’s Experience

My full-time professional experience involves over 15 years as a life mentor and guided meditation teacher. My focus is to help you put your best foot forward in the context of personal growth and development. I believe that within yourself, you have all the answers needed. My job, if you will, is to teach you the tools and concepts to bring those answers out, so that you can genuinely build your life with integrity.


Are you ready to take this fun and exciting leap forward in your life, discovering the how-to’s of your being and create an amazing life?

Awesome Positive Change

“Leo changed my sister’s life in so many positive ways that I knew I needed to sign up. Leo can help you understand and own your own power while creating a sense of peace and happiness within yourself. His gift is in the way he teaches as he gives you the tools necessary to create a balance in your life. His energy is powerful and magnetic.”

Meaghan Richter



“I discovered Leo in my journey to develop my personal and spiritual life goals. He helped me realize who I am and why I am here and that life is full of lessons to be learned, appreciated and accepted. Anyone wanting to unlock their true passion in life and need the confidence and direction to do so should get in touch with Leo.”

Melissa Yarmuch
Mom, Teacher’s Aide and Future Entrepreneur

St. Albert

Some of the Unexpected Benefits of Meditation at Peace Compass

  • Sustained levels of happiness
  • Self-confidence and courage
  • Day-to-day life becomes manageable
  • Eliminate stress, anxiety and depression
  • Create healthy relationships
  • Live a meaningful and happy life
  • Wake up with motivation and inspiration
  • Trust your own intuition

Last Pieces About this Edmonton Meditation Course

Amazing Energy
“Leo Richard has a true gift. I had a session with him that blew me away. He has amazing energy that you want to be around. I can’t wait until his next course.”

Lisa Goodwin-Mercier

Edmonton, Canada

By the end of the meditation Edmonton course you will have developed a grounded, daily meditation practice that you can apply to your everyday life.

You will have practiced concepts that up-level your life and that challenge you to be your optimal and highest self.

Because the curriculum and personal development builds on previous materials, it is important that you attend each week.

Students regularly comment that after coming to class, they leave feeling inspired and full of motivation.

When I first took this course, it fundamentally changed my entire life for the better and gave me tremendous optimism again. The ability to organize and manage my thoughts and emotions, so that I can excel in life was and is priceless. I look forward to teaching you the tools and concepts that have provided tremendous value towards the quality of my life and thousands of others. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.
To Inner Peace! ~ Leo Richard

See How It’s Helped in Their Lives

Life Changing

“So many insights! My experience with Leo has been life changing. In a straightforward, respectful, honest and caring manner he has been able to guide me to be real, dig deeper and help identify next steps. This involved learning to not negatively label myself and be kind to myself.”

Patty McGuire

St. Albert, Canada


“In a busy world, it’s easy to settle for the way things are and forget you are important too. This is an amazing gift you can give to yourself that truly transforms your life.”

Trisha White

Architectural Business Manager


“Leo has a vast knowledge of the spiritual world that he brings to his classes. I was struggling with so much, he taught me how to listen to my inner self, trust it and build my courage and strength.”

Barb Day-Szymanski


6 week Meditation Edmonton Course Registration

Peace Compass

202D 7718 104th Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Phone/Text: 587.357.1357
Email: [email protected]

Leo Richard
Peace Compass Directory
Manifesting Coach, Energy Healing Expert & Ultramodern Meditation Teacher

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