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Free Guided Meditation

Free Guided Meditation for Positive Life Changes. 5 spiritual healing tools to cleanse your 'space' through practical spiritual guidance. Peace Compass helps sensitive souls like you live an authentic and happy life. Instant Access! » Free...

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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing Spiritual Healing (The What?!) Spiritual healing has a fundamental challenge to it. What is it? In the abstract world of spirituality, healing is defined not by a governing body, but by the individual interpretation and...

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Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques Made Easy You are unique. As such, learning meditation techniques specific for you is vital to continue your spiritual healing journey. Here is a simple acronym to help you D-E-S-I-G-N your meditation techniques and get...

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Clairvoyance. What is it really…

I’ve danced around bringing this to you for a long time. Clairvoyance – what is it really… The answer is a lot simpler than you might expect. In fact, you’re likely already adopting a style of clairvoyance that suits your way of life – you’re just not calling it that....

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How To Pick A Great Coach

10 Step Outline of How To a Find a Great Coach and Avoid the Pitfalls of Hiring Someone That Does Not Work For You
(7-10 minutes read & [2] 5-10 minute exercises)

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Letting Go ~ Poem

Letting go into the source of life
Choosing an exotic unknown trail
The kites are singing deeply high in the sky

Birds tweet, frogs ribbit, crickets cricket
A happy melody amongst the sky of the night…

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To My Inner Child

Hello Inner Child of mine
Through feeling and expression we intertwine

Relaxing on the golden mountain
In a sacred fountain

Breathing and being…

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Dark One

In the darkest of days and the brightest of nights
An unknown almost invisible presence lies waiting
A character straight out of Hollywood film making
You sense it you – at times hear it – pushing it out of sight…

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Social Artist ~ Is This Your Calling?

Social Artists and The Unfolding Changes in Society

Wow…is too little of a word to describe what I am witnessing happening now on planet earth. There is no planet B. There is planet A. A is for Art. I am getting to witness a most amazing and wonderful thing happen…

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Peace Compass ~ Inner Core Poem

The Inner Core Is Being Struck

A guidance system directing my spiritual intention
Guiding through lightness a way forward in my life
Directing, leading, all in harmony

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The Journey To The Birth Of Conscious Peace

The Journey To The Birth Of Conscious Peace

Starting at a time ago
A monster existed overshadowing us
Challenging humanity in quivers and bows

People succumbed and fell to spiritual death
Living and lying of false comfort in their heads…

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