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What Could You Accomplish if You Made All the Rules?

Learn the Easy 5-Step Process to Overcome Anything Standing in Your Way

(Even if you've been stuck for a long time)

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this special presentation…


The ‘Responsibility Rule’ and why the fastest way to your personal freedom is knowing how to apply it.


The fail-proof method to break through anything that’s holding you back – if you’re willing to do the work, it works every single time. (And it’s actually really easy.)


The 5-step Clear Direction™ Process that will give you healthy relationships, unshakeable confidence and a personalized playbook of your next steps.


The two simple tweaks that make it possible to create a life that is engaging, empowering and meaningful.


Plus! You’ll discover what 80% of people, who don’t succeed, are missing, and the one critical step you must ‘intentionally’ take to save yourself years of heartache, missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams.


All this and much more…

Leo Richard


Leo is the Spiritual Director for Peace Compass and is known for using clairvoyance to help people and global movements break through walls and find new levels of personal freedom and direction.

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