Pure Possibility

If anything were possible – absolutely anything – what would you create?

What would it take for you to create a completely fulfilling life?

If you had an easy to follow process, would you do it?

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Honest questions proving to have bold results. It all started a few years back and as I sit down to write this, it is still as true today as it was then. I am going to discuss in depth here, exploring what I teach and help guide people with – the realm of pure possibility – the ability to intentionally and actively create your dream life with ease.

My Own Experience with the Realm of Pure Possibility

A couple of years ago, I hit the reset switch to my entire life. I completely let go of everything: two successful companies, a 12-year relationship, my home, the city I lived most of my life in – the works. I made a decision to let go and things that made sense stayed, and whatever didn’t was gone.

Something was Not Right

Something deep inside had been telling me that something was not right about what was going on in my life. My self-esteem could no longer allow the relationship I was in to continue or to negatively influence other things in my life, including my career.

I knew in my heart of hearts that change needed to take place, and I wanted to do so with full integrity. For my new life to unfold, I needed to come from a place of flow, love, joy and abundance. So I hit the reset switch.

I asked myself – if anything and everything were possible, what would I create?

cherry blossom bowl possibilities

Long Story Short…

My entire life, which I had spent over a decade intentionally building, came apart. As scary as it was, let me speak from experience, it was so worth it. It needed to fall apart so that I could reinvent myself. I learned so much about myself, others’ behaviors, the world and how to really make things happen. And then it became quite easy.

And I have taken what I learned and made it into an easy-to-follow process, that I now teach so others can also live a completely fulfilling life with endless possibility and unshakeable confidence.

My Life Now

My life now is filled with an awesome partner and I live in a different city, building the life that I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid. I also absolutely love my work, and adore my clients and students. I have amazing people in my life. I am building a solid framework for a happy family and I now get to travel when and where I want to.

I am exploring life with more depth, creativity and freshness that feels life-nourishing, soul-enriching, beautiful and awe-inspiring. After personally testing this process and then implementing it with hundreds of clients and students, I have refined it even further so that I can just plug it in and hit play.


Want to figure out what’s holding you back?

If you knew all of the necessary resources were there (time, money, etc.), what would you let go of in your life and what would you create?

woman silhouette possibilities

A dream job? Travel some place you’ve always wanted to see? Find a new relationship?

If there is something in your hopes and dreams that you do not currently have in your life, then there is something taking up residence in its space that you need to let go of. It is that simple. If abundance is your dream, where are you holding onto scarcity? If love is it, then where do you hold doubts or fears?

What do you think it would take for you to pull it off? Honestly – what do you think it would take? Who and what do you need to let go of in your life?

Just Because It’s Considered Normal, Doesn’t Mean It’s Healthy

So many people live unhappily and because so many do it, it is considered okay. If you want to live a life that is fully and completely yours, you need to step up and say to yourself: My life is totally worth it!!

When you say this to yourself, a whole new world opens up. You see the world with fresh eyes and pure possibilities; your confidence seems unshakeable and an excitement builds up within you (or possibly sheer terror…I haven’t figured that one out yet, haha).

Here is what is considered normal though. You grow up, get married, have 1.5 kids, buy a house, work from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday and take 2-4 weeks of holidays per year – if you’re lucky. This is a prescription for life and quite honestly, works well for very few people. It is very constricting and if you live differently, you may be considered radical by society.

desert possibilities

It is Not Okay to Live in Half Truths.

We live in a society where many people don’t want to hear the truth. I saw that clearly when I hit my reset switch, through the actions of my partner at the time, who lashed out in response. The truth can hurt.

For me though, it was completely liberating to know and speak my truth (and seeing their behavior was ultimately affirming that I made the right decision).

When you start to see the bigger picture, you see more of the truth. Also, almost mysteriously, when you open up a bigger perspective, the universe unfolds to show you more of that perspective.

The Inner Critic

Chances are, as you consider this ‘pure possibilities’ concept you are hearing an ‘I-Couldn’t-Do-That!!’ inner critic. These are all the reasons for why you don’t deserve it or can’t possibly create it. This is a common experience that can be turned into a positive outcome.

These objections, if you listen closely, teach you a lot about what you are needing to move forward. As you start to look within, start to see what is truer. For example, instead of I cannot afford it, see if you can frame it into, ‘I don’t have the funds, yet’. Which is true. You just don’t have it yet.

Secondly, allow these limitations to test your resolve and commitment and help you see why you want to create this in your life. Being clear on your intention supports you in the bigger picture with improving the quality of your life, happiness, love and so forth.

embrace possibilities

Until You Decide, Nothing is Really Going to Happen

The analogy I use for this is that it’s like making a teenager do their homework. You can force them to do it and tell them all the reasons why they should. They may even do it for a while. But as soon as you stop pushing them, they go back to whatever they were doing before. And until they decide it is going to happen, it is not going to happen.

This is also true for your personal development. Until you decide that you want change, it is really not going to happen unless something external forces you to make it happen. And through an intentional process that I am showing you here, you can make it easy and have a life that genuinely makes your heart sing.

That said, only some of us decide to honestly step up and take our lives to the next level, even though we all can. Those who step up inadvertently tell the world that: yes, you too can!

Barring Levitation, Helping you Master Making the Impossible, Possible.

We live in a time where we need to believe again in pure possibility – where anything and everything is possible. World peace, environmental sustainability, community, the list goes on. There is so much need for inspiration and optimism.

Seriously though, what comes up for you when you think of this? What possibilities open up for you in your life? If you need, take a moment to journal all the random possibilities that exist. We all exist for far more than the rat race we are caught in. Why do you exist?

why pure possibilities

The Core Elements of Making the Impossible, Possible


1. Living in the Moment is Vital to Riding the Waves of Your Life.

Using your intuition, sensitivities and inner guidance is both deeply gratifying and life-enhancing.


2. Creating Sustained Levels of Motivation.

With over a decade of teaching others how to live fulfilling lives, I know there is so much potential for objections. If you falter or hold yourself back at any point, you risk losing the momentum that paves the way for your breakthroughs.


3. Building Self-Confidence.

Living a life that is crushing to one’s self-esteem is not a viable option. I choose to live a meaningful, inspiring and freeing life. Boldly, bravely and intelligently change your life.


4. Optimism and Positive Attitude.

Optimism is the key to change your life. If you knew confidently, that everything would be there for you as you built your dream life…chances are that you would start creating it.


5. Connecting with the Empathy in You.

The compassionate, caring and loving person that you truly are needs to come out. This is the part of you that is unfulfilled when you think that your life is not whole or complete.


6. Inspiration.

Discovering your next steps, through encouragement and joy-filled wonder, is a truly beautiful gift that you will soon look forward to opening up every day.

It’s that simple, step by step.


Want to figure out what’s holding you back?

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