Space Clearing

What is Space Clearing? (the basics)

In simple terms, Space Clearing harmonizes and uplifts the atmosphere in a home, business or any other location. There are many ways to do Space Clearing, from incense to candles, Feng Shui to intention setting, chanting to prayer and the list goes on. Space Clearing done through Peace Compass focuses on the core of Space Clearing…this is the ‘energetic imprint’ in a space.  Space Clearing has been practiced for centuries.

What Is Energy-Based Space Clearing? (advanced space clearing)

From our perspective, clearing the energetic imprint of the space is the top priority for any location. You can equate it to the canvas of a painting. The canvas is like the foundation of a space. If the canvas has been covered with layers of paint and looking quite disturbing it is going to create all sorts of disturbing reactions. Basic space clearing is the equivalent of putting on a fresh layer of paint (covering up) or at best chipping the paint off of the old canvas. In essence, it is only a cosmetic change that takes place. In an energy-based space clearing the canvas gets stripped of paint and depending on the foundation of the canvas, a completely new canvas may be created. Once that is established, new base coats are added to make the canvas come alive…the new art form of the space comes to life.

For What Purposes Is Space Clearing Used For? (the why)

There are many practical reasons for space clearing. The two most common are prosperity for business and healthy relationships in the home. But don’t limit your imagination with what is possible in space clearing. In general, you should consider the health and well-being of those at the specified location and what are you hoping to gain from space clearing… Interest in space clearing is growing and in some cases is being strongly encouraged by various professionals for both the business sector and for people’s homes.

Business Space Clearing

Small businesses and corporations have discovered that improving the ‘well-being’ of the space also improves employee morale. This in turn, dramatically improves company results. The additional ‘clarity’ at the office also adds the unexpected bonus of increased efficiency.

Home Space Clearing

In the home, people discover marked reductions in conflict and the home and family is happier as a result. The space itself, looks and feels much brighter. With new occupancy of a home, it has long been suggested to clear the home first.

Real Estate Space Clearing

Realtors are now hiring people for space clearing. Typically, the intention is to improve the saleability of difficult to sell properties. It has been discovered that difficult to sell homes then to turn quickly, post-clearing.

What Type of Space Clearing Should I Choose? (the what am I going to do?)

This will depend entirely on your what your objectives are and how thorough you choose to be.

Basic Space Clearing

If you choose basic space clearing, we recommend going with candles, aromatherapy and devices that provide negatively charged ions. Negatively charged ions are those ions that are produced during a lightning storm that make it feel wonderful post the storm.

Beyond Basics Space Clearing

If you want something a bit more in depth we would suggest Feng Shui.  It focuses on the flow of energy in a given space and helps clear negative energy. The intention is often to bring about more abundance in areas like wealth, relationships and career.

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“There are more things in heaven and earth, Than are dreamed of in your philosophy.” – Shakespeare

Deep Space Clearing ~ Removing Negative Energy

The reason we recommend energy based space clearing is over 15 years of studying and performing space clearings, we have not witnessed anything as effective as this method. In these space clearings, the energy of the space is transformed into the requested atmosphere. This could include atmospheres & vibrations like Peace, Abundance, Validation, Amusement, Safety and the list goes on. The focus is to clear negative energy (whatever that may be) and bring in the healthiest possible energy for that space.

What is Negative Energy in House? (are you for real!?)

Negative energy in house can have many sources. This can come from leftover tension after a serious fight, traumas in the home and even (Hollywood style) spirits in a home. The root of it negative energy…negative energy with an agenda. Depending on the severity and challenges of the energy some of the basic space clearing methods may not be enough.

What Are The Benefits of Space Clearing? (aah…now I get it)

After space clearing, people report feeling healthier, clearer, more focused and more at peace within themselves and with their families. At places of work, owners notice an uptake in productivity on all levels; themselves, employees and in the overall business. The commonality is people feeling happier and better about themselves and in their home and work.

How Do I Find/Choose Someone To Do Space Clearing? (buyer beware)

We highly recommend finding someone or a team of folks that you can connect and/or resonate with. As space clearing is new to the mainstream audience, many have taken advantage of these services with little research. The result is an energy imprint in homes and businesses with even more negative energy then before hand. Often times, we are hired to rectify this. As you would with a plumber or electrician, do your homework about who you let into your space.

What Does Peace Compass’ Space Clearing Look Like? (the big picture)

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Initial Assessment

We always start with an initial assessment with the owner(s) of the business or the main resident(s) of the home. In this assessment we ask questions regarding the kind of energy/atmosphere you want at the location. Some common examples are; Abundance, Love, Healthy Communication, Amusement, Productivity and/or Clarity. What would you like to change in the space, ex. any difficulty with employee(s)/resident(s) energies/emotions, spirits, corporate competition. What depth & level of clearing do you want? There are several tiers of space clearing ranging from basic to in-depth and the initial assessment helps determine which is right for you.

Home Space Clearing

In a home clearing, we begin by looking at the current energy imprint of the home. We then ground and remove the energies to create a fresh slate in the space. After that we create the highest possibility space/optimal group agreement for the residents to co-create their lives together.

Business Space Clearing

In a business atmosphere, we begin with the energy imprint of the physical location(s) and get a sense of what is going on. We take some time to ground and clear the physical locations. Prior to this we have a requested 5-6 core energy sets from the owner. This is what they would like integrated into their business. These can be in any range of energies, prosperity, healthy employees, efficiency, visibility, the list goes on. We then work with the psychic marketing channels and the external communications structures. These are cleared along with any competitor’s energies that don’t belong, helping the business claim its share of the market.

What Is Our Experience With Space Clearing? (so who are you?)

We have over 15 years of extensive experience and training in space clearing. We are highly sought out for space clearings as a pioneer to the industry.  we have been training energy practitioners in space clearing for over 10 years.

As highly trained energy managers, we use these skills for their effective long lasting results.

I Want To Book With Peace Compass BUT I Live Somewhere Else ~ What Can I Do? (global perspectives)

As energy flows where attention goes, we are not always required on site. If you are interested in booking space clearing with us, please reach out. Business clearings are more in depth and depending on existing energies we may be required to be on site. In these cases, reasonable additional costs will be added for travel expenses.

(i’m interested)

What Are The Costs Associated? (choice point ~ maybe??)

Fees are quoted with the initial assessment. Initial assessments are $47cad. Home Space Clearings start at $1497cad. Small Business Space Clearings start at $1997cad. For Corporate Space Clearings contact to set up your initial assessment. Special Events Space Clearings ~ Contact for more info (Based on size of event).

Further Questions?? (the missing info)

Please submit an initial assessment booking to find out more.

Lastly (The Share!)

If you believe you know someone who could really use this service to remove negative energies from their home or business and increase the vibe in those spaces, please share this with them. Thanks!

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