Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing (The What?!)

Spiritual healing has a fundamental challenge to it. What is it? In the abstract world of spirituality, healing is defined not by a governing body, but by the individual interpretation and observation. For example, how many differing opinions are there on the Bible? A lot! So lets take some time to get acquainted with the different terms. Let’s start with healing.


Generally speaking, everyone agrees that healing is the movement towards homeostasis and balance. Wikipedia states it like this: Healing (literally meaning to make whole) is the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism.


This one creates a lot of debate. After all, spirituality is as diverse as there are people in our world. So, in that context I would vouch to name it as one’s creative expression. As examples, your inner voice, free flow of ideas and optimisms. On Etymonline, spiritual is stated as, of or concerning the spirit. Spirit from latin for spiritus; of breathing, of the spirit.

Spiritual Healing

So, spiritual healing in those simple pieces would amount to the ‘breathing of what makes one whole’. Or something like that. So, taking

what makes you whole and breathing life into that, for me, is spiritual healing.

guided meditation grow strong roots
“All spiritual healing is self-healing. Regardless of what is going on in your life, you are ultimately responsible for it.” – Peace Compass

Spiritual Healings (The How)

Spiritual healing is starting to take a front seat to becoming whole. People are realizing that there is a seed to their health symptoms and are starting to dig deep into their souls for the answer. As an example, guided meditation has proven to be a strong ally for how to get rid of anxiety and depression.

guided meditation grow strong roots
“Healing your energy system thus allows your body to heal.” – Peace Compass

Healing is Self-Healing

However, it does come down to personal responsibility. People often resist this. They know that they need to accept that change needs to take place and also to let it happen. It can be tough. There are no shortcuts, however there are tools to help speed the process. 

Emotional Healing

Thoughts feed emotions and emotions feed thoughts. This is a feedback loop that introspection can stop. Shifting your focus to optimism and applying tools for personal development can have a great impact here. Your emotional well-being is key to spiritual healing and vice versa. Your spiritual well-being is key to your emotional healing. Check out these meditation techniques made easy to help you with your spiritual healing.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a form of healing that focuses on your personal space, aura, chakras and spiritual energy. With the focus on bringing flow and positive energy into your space, while removing negative energy, there will be greater balance within yourself. You can heal your life through this process. Download a free meditation to help you get started.

Spiritual Journey (the Commitment)

At some point, to fully heal, you are going to need to fully accept your life journey; acceptance in the sense of fulfillment. Also, there are some who would say that your life journey is about spiritual healing. I would add to that, your full authentic expression. This can be daunting in a world where letting your light shine is outside of the norm.

How Do I Know I If I Need Spiritual Healing?

There are usually 3 levels of insight. These come as intuitive insights, a motivation and inspiration within that compels you to be your biggest and brightest self. The first level is an inner knowing that you’ve been through this cycle before. The second is feeling low and unsure how to step out of it. Lastly, there is the ‘yes’ factor – you want to step up in your life in a significant way, and need spiritual healing tools to help take you to the next level.

Down To Earth

“Leo embodies a unique combination of down to earth pragmatism with the belief in infinite possibility and is passionate about lessening the suffering of others. He helped me realize that I can be honest and direct without hurting others. Anyone who is looking to expand their vision, would benefit from working with Leo and he stands out the most in his honesty and integrity.”

Varda Hardy

San Francisco

Next Steps

Are you interested in spiritual healing and wanting to move forward in your spiritual journey? I offer various programs and courses on how to design your life. These provide a great opportunity for you to evolve as a person, change your life and be your best self.

Clear Mind. Full Heart. Happy Life.

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