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The Essentials

“Leo taught meditation classes to me over an 8 year period. He has a clarity and language that sees and speaks the essentials. When one is not sure of their own spiritual journey and want to develop skills to broaden a sense of personal and spiritual understanding, it is time to take class with Leo.”

Karen Angle, Teacher

Okanagan Valley

Personal Boundaries

“I am grateful to have found Leo and Peace Compass. He has helped me improve personal boundaries and taught me how to have more confidence in myself so that I have more control in my life. People that are busy and have chaotic lives need a way to collect themselves and would absolutely find Leo tremendously helpful.”

Crystal Wimpney
Business Owner



“Leo has a vast knowledge of the spiritual world that he brings to his classes. I was struggling with so much, he taught me how to listen to my inner self, trust it and build my courage and strength.”

Barb Day-Szymanski



“I enrolled in Leo’s program during a significant transition period. I entered with my head in a fog and two months later I have a substantially different outlook. I appreciate his coaching style, which strikes just the right balance between being practical, motivational, and challenging. So glad I gave this gift to myself!”

Ysette Guevara, PhD

New York


“I can only describe the journey with Leo as an “enlightenment” one. Within a couple of months I learned so much about myself, mastering my feelings and how to claim back my space and energy. If you are unsure about your next steps in life, dealing with stress constantly, or if you want to find peace in your heart, Leo is your person.”

Afnan Khalidi, Homeopath

Saudi Arabia

Healthy Personal Boundaries

“I am left feeling empowered and inspired. His neutral tone and spiritual eloquence make him one of a kind. Most importantly I learned how to set my boundaries and stay grounded. Leo is incredibly gifted and shines with his ability to connect with all walks of life.”

Georgia Hilton, Gaia Love



“Leo is very clear and neutral with a good sense of direction with his guidance. Anyone who would like to gain insight or a fresh perspective on personally or professionally would benefit from working with Leo. Leo is very good at holding his ground and seeing the truth clearly.”

Sarah Anderson
Kelowna Violin Studios

Okanagan Valley

Future Leadership

“While hearing from hundreds of people, this man was among one to be noticed. His humble and clear wish to simply make the world a better place, made it obvious that he needed no one as he already had taken his place as a young and independent leader. These times call for those to step forward who have walked the walk, and help the world through an often challenging but amazing journey. This is one person I will be watching through time and grateful to have met. I could not think of a better person to step into the Footprints left of the last Generation of Teachers and Continue the Journey to Spiritual Peace.”

Dyann Carrington


Amazing Energy
“Leo Richard has a true gift. I had a session with him that blew me away. He has amazing energy that you want to be around. I can’t wait until his next course.”

Lisa Goodwin-Mercier

Edmonton, Canada

Exceeds Expectations

“Leo is very passionate in creating positive change for the world, Indigenous rights and the environment. He is very in touch with differing personalities and remains compassionate in all circumstances. Any individual or organization willing to create positive change will benefit from working with Leo. Leo exceeds expectations when planning, organizing events, communications and forecasting future issues.”

Jessica Gordon

Fort Qu'appelle

“I know Leo professionally because I had the opportunity to interview him in a 2-part series on my radio show. This is on the #1 internet-talk radio show in the world, Leo is creative, insightful, direct, genuine, and articulates with passion and clarity. He is a fabulous teacher and one to guide others, and really shines. Leo really drives home the point that one can love their life and should pay attention to every moment. His genuine and warm style that has no intimidation or judgement is a real plus to Leo’s way of working with people.”

Linzi Levinson


Great Results and Quickly

“Leo is passionate about personal energy management, personal growth and meditation. He is also generous at sharing his understanding of how energy works and flows. If you are ready to get past the old habits and bring in new ones he will help you build up your potential and reach. Leo is a supportive, insightful mentor and a great teacher!! Teach more.”

Anne-Sophie Dumetz

Kelowna, BC


“Leo is a very sensitive soul dedicated to helping others realize their dreams. — Leo transcends age, gender and race to see the inner beauty in each and helps us release it to the world and excels in teaching others and feeling their experiences.

Diane Stuckey

North Carolina

A New Start

“First I was a little nervous and didn’t know exactly what I was getting into but very quickly I noticed I didn’t have to. Leo is very calm and made me feel like I was in very good hands. I was stuck in my life. The sessions helped me to see where and what I can do to improve. To me that’s a big gift and fills my heart with so much love and a new drive and energy.”



Down To Earth

“Leo embodies a unique combination of down to earth pragmatism with the belief in infinite possibility and is passionate about lessening the suffering of others. He helped me realize that I can be honest and direct without hurting others. Anyone who is looking to expand their vision, would benefit from working with Leo and he stands out the most in his honesty and integrity.”

Varda Hardy

San Francisco


“Leo is very gifted and passionate about helping lost souls like mine. He helped me see stuff in a different way. How to love my self and enjoy life. So many people would benefit from Leo and he shines the most helping lost souls like mine. Many people are lost in this world and want a direction. People want someone that relates to them and understands what they are going through.”

Stella Mwangusya



“In a busy world, it’s easy to settle for the way things are and forget you are important too. This is an amazing gift you can give to yourself that truly transforms your life.”

Trisha White

Architectural Business Manager

Daily Results
“The course is so unique, pushing you to develop your perception of life in a different and positive way. It provides the student with practical tools that make sense, that are empowering, and are easily incorporated into your daily life, giving you the confidence to deal with challenges in the most conducive form to yourself. The group sessions are led in a safe/relaxing environment, where you feel the confidence to explore new grounds. I believe the course has been the best return. The course is life changing and I recommend it for anyone interested in living their optimum self!”

Christine Greeno


Real Results
“I had absolutely no experience in meditation when I signed up for my first class. The meditation style taught by Leo was easy to follow and engaging and, best of all, I found that the guided meditations and tools we were taught in class provided real results. I felt less anxious, more confident and found I was able to overcome fears that were preventing me from creating the life I wanted. As a result of the tools and guidance I have received from Leo over the years that I have known him, I have been able to more clearly define my life purpose and pursue it with confidence.”

Carol Lynn

Kelowna, BC

Effective Tools

“Leo teaches like no other. I really took a lot out of the class and will continue to use the tools I learned daily. I never wanted to take time to meditate even it was just for 5 minutes but now I look forward to applying what I learned daily! I now make time. It will always be a part of my daily regime! Thank you Leo!!”

Rose Gawlak

Alberta, Canada

Life Changing

“So many insights! My experience with Leo has been life changing. In a straightforward, respectful, honest and caring manner he has been able to guide me to be real, dig deeper and help identify next steps. This involved learning to not negatively label myself and be kind to myself.”

Patty McGuire

St. Albert, Canada


Clear Mind. Clear Heart. Happy Life.

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